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1. What strategies do you use to promote effective study time in your class?
First I need to identify the level of English that students have. Then I make pairs or groups, mixing students with high and low level, fostering collaborative group work.

2. Will it be different in English? Why?
The activities will be different in English because the language itself makes it a little difficult for students to understand and express their ideas.

3. How do you usually engage your students in class?
I usually start with an topic-related game so that students can interact with each other.

4. How will you engage them differently in your EMI classroom?
I try to use as many visual aids as possible to make the content clear and easy to understand. Also, I aim to enhance students participation by indivual questions or group discussions.

5. What are your students usually expected to do in your class in terms of production and reflection?
I expect student to reflect their understanding of the topics learnt in class by applying them in real contexts.

What elements from the previous sections studied could you use for your EMI course?
All the elements of ESA