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•What strategies do you use to promote effective study time in your class?
To promote effective study time first is necessary to identify the student’s interest and skills, usually it’s better to work in pairs or groups so students can exchange ideas, in this is important to mix them. I found that reading activities are boring for students, but also huge presentations, so I try to mix both activities

•Will it be different in English? Why?
Yes, they will be different because of the language, sometimes even in the native language for students it’s difficult to express themselves or understand concepts, in a foreign one it could be harder.

•How do you usually engage your students in class?
Usually, I start talking with them about their day or what they did in the other classes, just to connect, then I expose the topic and start to link it to the thins they review in the other classes or during their day, so they have the opportunity to talk

•How will you engage them differently in your EMI classroom?
In this case, I will add to my strategy more games and more opportunities to let them talk, I think the most important is to have an interactive class

•What are your students usually expected to do in your class in terms of production and reflection?
Well, as it is architecture, they must be able to develop an architecture project where they collect and evidence the knowledge acquired in class

•What elements from the previous sections studied could you use for your EMI course?
All the elements are important. Nevertheless I think strategies to keep them engage, so they can prove themselves