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What strategies do you use to promote effective study time in your class?
I like bringing different types of activities so that they can reinforce and practice the content. These activities should try to apply to different learning styles for them to feel comfortable, but also challenged.

Will it be different in English? Why?
Nope. I’m an English teacher, so my classes are already in English.

How do you usually engage your students in class?
Depending on the previous class, it can all be different. Sometimes, it can be an activity that connects the previous class to the current one. Other times, I like posing some questions that connects the class topic to students’ lives.

How will you engage them differently in your EMI classroom?
My class is an EMI class. However, this unit was nice in terms of the theoretical concepts. I think that being aware of the theoretical concepts help to create a more solid lesson planning.

What are your students usually expected to do in your class in terms of production and reflection?
It depends on the class topic. It can vary from a written text (also varying from a simple paragraph to essays, depending on the students’ level and final outcome) to an oral activity.

What elements from the previous sections studied could you use for your EMI course?
I think it’s important to find how the different stages in ESA can be switched considering students’ needs, class topics and class environment.