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What strategies do you use to promote effective study time in your class? I start with a weekly news related to the topic of the week, that makes students start involving in the topic with new information.
Will it be different in English? Yes Why? They need to now the language,but not only the language, the key business words to start getting involved with business terms in english.
How do you usually engage your students in class? I engage them by using many visual aids, I use a lot of pictures, advertisments, some videos and we usually try to make some games such as scrabble and other activities.
How will you engage them differently in your EMI classroom? Make them think in english, within the whole class not letting them translate or talk in spanish.
What are your students usually expected to do in your class in terms of production and reflection? A report of an actual case, questioning themselves about the case, the ways to solve the situation in a company.
What elements from the previous sections studied could you use for your EMI course? Original and creative presentations, video recordings, podcasts, proposals, among others.