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Maria Adela Sanchez Z

¡¡¡Hi, everybody!!!

¿What strategies do I use to promote effective study time in my class?
A/ The content of my class must be interesting enought to promote the students to be reflect and active. The most interesting class because its content and its relevant topics.
¿How do I usually engage my students in class?
A/ As I said befores, in my class I always try to promote and keep my students being active while learning about special cases. My students must think and create.
¿How will I engage them differently in my EMI classroom?
A/ I will engage them in a such manner that they can do by themselves all what they need to do in a colaborative and individualy way. The must important is learning for their own life and do the best forsociety
¿What are my students usually expected to do in my class in terms of production and reflection?
A/ They usually expect to do new things for their own life. I will try to promote independency and work by objectives
¿What elements from the previous sections studied could I use for my EMI course?

Kind regards,

Ma. Adela,