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To promote effective study time, I incorporate active learning strategies, such as interactive discussions, problem-solving activities, and group projects. I provide clear learning objectives and resources for self-study, and I encourage students to use technology for research and exploration.
In class, I engage students through various means, including open-ended questions, multimedia presentations, and hands-on activities. I also encourage peer-to-peer interaction and critical thinking by fostering a collaborative learning environment.
In an EMI classroom, I would integrate language development activities within subject matter instruction. I try to involve topics that are not totally new, or start the lesson focusing on their previous knowledge.
In my class, students are expected to actively participate in discussions, demonstrate problem-solving skills through projects, and reflect on their learning progress. They are encouraged to articulate their thoughts and engage in self-assessment to enhance their metacognitive skills.
Elements from previous sections, such as technology integration, personalized learning, and global awareness, could be applied to an EMI course. Additionally, the emphasis on language development and cultural competence would be crucial in fostering effective communication and understanding in a diverse, multilingual classroom.