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I start each lesson by outlining clear objectives and expectations for what students will learn during the class. I think this helps students focus on their study goals. I then incorporate active learning techniques, such as group discussions, debates, and hands-on activities, to keep students engaged and encourage them to apply what they’ve learned. It’s also very important to connect language learning to real-life situations, making the content more relevant and motivating for students. I always ask the students to brainstorm where and how they think their learnings from the lesson will help them in real life.
Multimodal Materials: I use a mix of written, audio, and visual materials to cater to different learning styles and provide a well-rounded language learning experience.
Peer Interaction: I encourage peer interaction through pair and group work, which promotes collaborative learning and allows students to practice speaking and listening skills.
Feedback and Reflection: I provide regular feedback on students’ language use and encourage self-reflection. This helps them identify areas for improvement and it gives them a sense of ownership of their learning.
Technology Integration: I leverage technology, such as language learning apps and online resources, to enhance language practice and provide students with additional study tools.