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What strategies do you use to promote effective study time in your class?
I usually prepare different activities used tools that provide the class and studients elements to use well the time of the class with attention of the students

Will it be different in English? Why?
Yes. I thing is different in english because in english is necessary other tools to engager, study and active with the students, also is important know how prepare and guide a clase in other language.

How do you usually engage your students in class?
I engage the students using different dynamics tools related with the topic of the class, for example a game,watch a video, etc.

How will you engage them differently in your EMI classroom?
I will use the tools that I have learned in this cours like a padlet, kahoot, etc. Because I consider that the tools give us in the course are so amazing to use in the class and international projects.

What are your students usually expected to do in your class in terms of production and reflection?
always my students expect to share the different results or production of every partner of the class, because it is so important to see and listen to the task and goals reached for the students.

What elements from the previous sections studied could you use for your EMI course?
I use the strategy ESA and use the different digital tools for the english tourism classes in a COIL.