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Environmental Ethics

Environmental ethics is a philosophical discipline that studies the moral relation implied in the relationship of human beings the environment. During this Basic Course we’ll see the main features of Environmental Ethics.

Hello everyone, my name is Juan Camilo Jaramillo, UCM Studio Coordinator.
Today I’d like to welcome you to the MOOC: “Environmental Ethics”, which will give you a new perspective on the debate on environmental care and its ethical implications.
This MOOC is developed in 4 Units, which will lead you to explore the following topics:
During each unit you will find a forum to share your thoughts, some interactive activities to practice, and some quizzes to prove yourself how much you learned.
So now, you’re good to start. Professors and experts on the matter, Andrés Botero and Fabian David will join you in each unit. Now, it’s your turn. Goodbye

Undergraduate students from different areas of knowledge who are interested in acquiring new knowledge and appropriating it to strengthen ethical and environmental reflection in the channel of new disruptive, complex, socio-environmental trends.

Andrés Fernando Botero C .Master in Sustainable Development and Environment, Business Administrator from the University of Manizales. Professor of Environmental Education and Ecology at the Catholic University of Manizales
Fabián Andrés David Narváez
Master in Philosophy. Degree in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Caldas. Professor of Ethics and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Manizales.

  • Students will be provided with the theoretical and conceptual foundations related to the ethical implications of current reflection on the environment.
  • Students will be introduced to the analysis of the main philosophical concepts around ethics and environmental care.
  • Students will be introduced to theoretical and methodological tools for the development of classroom projects and relevant research practices that encourage the interest of learners in environmental science, citizen ethics through the planning of problem case studies.