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Strategic Marketing Skills

The subject of marketing contains a great world of knowledge. Because of this, it is very important to find our clients effectively, so that marketing efforts can really be directed to attract and maintain the identified market. However, this is not always achieved. What we are talking about here is to develop a solid and successful market launch strategy that allows you to achieve high growth in results and retention and loyalty of superior clients. So how do you do all that? Of course, the central objective of any company will be customer satisfaction so that they can dominate the market and become leaders in their industry. Customer information is essential to capture their interest and ensure they continue to purchase our products over time. Value creation is another tool to make our proposal different from the others, and it is essential to make an effective capture of our market. In this course, you will gain the tools to effectively engage customers, taking into account strategy planning, the combination of marketing and results orientation, and other elements that will help you improve your sales revenue.
You will study the basic concepts you will see throughout the course which are necessary to successfully develop it.
Dear student, the training in the UCM CONECTA – MOOC Platform is developed under the massive and open virtual modality, in a virtual learning environment that allows you to interact with the contents, develop autonomous work and appropriate the topics in a didactic and participatory way. The MOOCs are developed by themes through weeks, generating a progressive learning experience from the visualization and exploration of the contents, where you will be able to observe your progress in the progress bar, by clicking as you complete each activity. MOOCs are approved when you achieve 100% progress and an evaluation process percentage of at least 80%.