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– Think of a subject you are actually teaching or have taught before.
Soil mechanics.

– Mention a topic you would like to teach in the English language (CONTENT).
Civil engineering problems related to mechanical soil behaviour.

– What kind of language would your students need to use during the lesson (COMMUNICATION).
They’d need to use understanding skills associated with listening, interpretation of images and speaking skills to participate or give their opinions about what they are seeing in pictures.

– What would you expect your students to do with the topic? (COGNITION)
I’d expect they would be aware how important soil mechanics is in understanding a lot of common civil engineering problems.

– What would you frame the topic within a real-life like situation (CULTURE)?
The topic shows students what are the most common problems related to mechanical soil behaviour through images, so they will understand the possible causes and consequences of a problem when they have the opportunity to see it in real life and they will be able to understand how that problem affects the community.