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Alicia Lomeli Acosta

1. Think of a subject you are teaching or have taught before.
– Soft diet for gastroesophageal reflux disease

2. Mention a topic you would like to teach in the English language (CONTENT).
Soft diet characteristics: dietary management to help to minimize the gastric symptoms and to avoid foods that irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa.

3. What kind of language would your students need to use during the lesson? (COMMUNICATION).
They require a basic level of English and vocabulary related to nutrition as food and cooking methods.
They’d also need skills to share their opinion, participate describing images and pictures and finally they need skills to follow a recipe.
4. What would you expect your students to do with the topic? (COGNITION)
Students must be able to develop identify the diet modifications to decrease or eliminate foods that cause symptoms; also, they should identify those diseases that use this diet as part of the treatment, and finally to share general recommendations for basic lifestyle changes and diet characteristics for treating this kind of diseases.
5. What would you frame the topic within a real-life like situation (CULTURE)?
Students would be able to share cooking techniques and use right ingredients adapted form Mexican diet to the disease, and to introduce foods from other cultures that are available in Mexican market, but always considering the unique patient environments, economics, cultural traditions.