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• Think of a subject you are actually teaching or have taught before.
Social Media Marketing

• Mention a topic you would like to teach in the English language

Digital content

• What kind of language would your students need to use during the lesson?

Refers to create digital content: online system, images, applications, audience, edition, recording, sound, copywriters, graphic design tool, appliances, gaps among others.

• What would you expect your students to do with the topic?

1. Identify a client’s needs to improve a marketing issue.
2. Collect information about the product or idea that the client wants to improve.
3. Create some proposals to boost the product.
4. Inferences the audience and necessities.
5. Develop digital content in the most useful apps.
6. Organize a meeting to show the digital content projects to the client.
7. Identify ways to improve taking to account client’s recommendations and proofread.
8. Design the new concept and publish it.

• What would you frame the topic within a real-life like situation?

Support amateur influencers or Youtubers to start with their channels, research the industry that they want to achieve, determine the audience, and help with ideas to create digital content.