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Think of a subject you are actually teaching or have taught before.
Basic English for Architects

Mention a topic you would like to teach in the English language (CONTENT).

What kind of language would your students need to use during the lesson? (COMMUNICATION).
Basic vocabulary related to the concept of sustainability (e.g. materials, methods, innovations, etc.)

What would you expect your students to do with the topic? (COGNITION)
First, they need to get familiar with the terminology. For this, they need to implement different vocabulary acquisition strategies. Also, they need to come up with some sentences, using models given by the teacher.

What would you frame the topic within a real-life like situation (CULTURE)?
Given the current impact of sustainability in the world, it’s important to encourage students to think critically and see ways to incorporate this concept in their professional mindset. Needles to say, this also aligns with, at least, one of the SDGs.