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Maria Adela Sanchez Z

¡!! ¡¡¡Hi, everybody!!!

¿Thinking of a subject I´m actually teaching?
A/ Human Talent Managment

About the topic I would like to teach in the English language?
A/I would like to teach Cultural Landscape

About what kind of language would my students need to use during the lesson?
A/ Spanish and english languaje

About what would I expect my students to do with the topic?
A/ I would like they to improve their different communicative skills and improve their writing, speaking and reading topic in english cause they are studing tourism business managment, it´s very important while traveling and working here in Colombia and in other countries around the world

About If I frame the topic within a real-life like situation?
A/ I´m positive sure that yes!!… I would frame the topic within a real-life like situation. Of course, yes!

Kind regards,

María Adela Sánchez Zuluaga
Tourism Business Managment