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Think of a subject you are actually teaching or have taught before.
– Subject assigned: Communication and media 6

Mention a topic you would like to teach in the English language (CONTENT).
– Personal Branding (mainly academic)

What kind of language would your students need to use during the lesson? (COMMUNICATION).
– Students need a basic understanding of the topic about design mainly in subjects related to Architecture and Graphic Digital Design. In that way, students will approach the content in a more accurate and familiar maner, indentifying vocabulary words that they use in a daily basis. The visual aids are impreative while you are learning about design principle, therefore, using technology, specialized software and video/audio resources such as tutorials on the platform are quite useful to show the class, they have resources to learn pronuanciation as well as vocabulary while learning about the subject.

What would you expect your students to do with the topic? (COGNITION)
First fo all, learning the vocabulary in English, I hope they can connect the words with the application in a design project. As a result, they will be able to start working on their own in the following excercises more confident and precise. They also will expand the resource panorama searching for similar content in video, wrtting or audio format. Finally they will produce the final result appliying the technique to solve de design problem.

What would you frame the topic within a real-life like situation (CULTURE)?
This course gives students insigths about the professional business practice they will endure in the following semester. The real case of study is to be prepare for the labour market and to develop resources and skills for real situations such as interviews, curriculum and portfolios. It is a wonderful opportunity to shine above the competition ouside the university, also it is a perfect opportunity to test their communication and writting skils.