Environmental Ethics

https://repositoriouiedv.ucm.edu.co/repositorio_uiedv/MOOC/Environmental_ethics/intro.mp4 Environmental Ethics Descripción Environmental ethics is a philosophical discipline that studies the moral relation implied in the relationship of human beings the environment. During this Basic Course we’ll see the main features of Environmental Ethics. Bienvenidos al Curso Hello everyone, my name is Juan Camilo Jaramillo, UCM Studio Coordinator. Today I’d like to welcome […]

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Strategic Marketing Skills

https://repositoriouiedv.ucm.edu.co/repositorio_uiedv/MOOC/strategic-marketing-skills/strategic_marketing_skills_intro.mp4 Strategic Marketing Skills Descripción The subject of marketing contains a great world of knowledge. Because of this, it is very important to find our clients effectively, so that marketing efforts can really be directed to attract and maintain the identified market. However, this is not always achieved. What we are talking about here is

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Fundamentals of statistics applied to the water treatment process

https://repositoriouiedv.ucm.edu.co/repositorio_uiedv/MOOC/fundamentals_statistics_applied_water_treatment_process/videos/unit-1/mooc-statistical-proccesses.mp4 Fundamentals of statistics applied to the water treatment process Bienvenidos al curso Hello everyone, I extend a warm and friendly welcome to the MOOC: “Fundamentals of statistics applied to water treatment process”, which will give you a new perspective for the use of descriptive and inferential statistics in water treatment processes. This MOOC will

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Heritage management -Strategies in Tourism

https://repositoriouiedv.ucm.edu.co/repositorio_uiedv/MOOC/tourism-management-strategies-heritage/inicio.mp4 Tourism strategies for heritage management Descripción The Catholic University of Manizales UCM aims to raise its academic offer in order to interact in global contexts through the use of English as a foreign language. In tourism academic fields it is possible to find strategies and actions focused on protection, use and promotion of cultural

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Global English-mediated Classroom Foundations

https://ucmconecta.edu.co/mooc_ucmconecta/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/video_mooc_intro-1.mp4 Global English-mediated Classroom Foundations Descripción This MOOC has the future EMI professors in mind. It seeks to train teachers to start thinking of their EMI classroom by providing them with reflection topics on their class environment, activities they can adapt into their lessons and digital tools they can use to make their lessons appealing,

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Integrating Digital tools into a Language Course

https://repositoriouiedv.ucm.edu.co/repositorio_uiedv/MOOC/Mooc_Digital_Tools/integrating_digital_tools_into.mp4 Integrating Digital tools into a Language Course Descripción Education around the world has been evolving along with technology and new challenges are being faced by teachers of all disciplines. With the developing technology, educational methods have changed, and blended classrooms have become the “alternative” for digital and face-to-face education. Now, teachers have the challenge

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